The FSL Group Customer Case Studies

Case History #1


    A heavy industrial cable manufacturer/distributor asked The FSL Group to increase efficiencies within their transportation program, but it was necessary for them to reduce costs by one-third. Following extensive analysis, their ten DC’s were consolidated into seven locations in more strategic zones to serve their customer base. After implementation, it was concluded that the rearrangement of carriers increased their transportation savings by 23%.

However, in doing this, they also have been able to reduce their inventory levels by 20%, meaning their facilities and labor expenses have decreased significantly.

Case History #2


    The FSL Group completed a project in which we had been given the task of completely reorganizing a warehouse that was operating at full inventory capacity. Though visually this was the case, upon further review, it was simply that inventory management was the culprit.

Evaluations were done to examine the purchasing patterns in comparison to customer order levels. Once this problem had been solved, we could now focus on the warehousing operations and determine how the new purchasing methods would impact the warehouse.

In concert with those changes, plus the development of an obsolescence procedure, the warehouse should now maintain a capacity between 70-80% depending on seasonal peaks.

Case History #3


    A leading distributor in the network supply industry approached The FSL Group to develop both inbound and outbound transportation programs to accommodate all of their facilities, which had previously been managed separately. FSL noticed during evaluations that there was great disparity between each facility’s shipping patterns and their transportation costs.

By renegotiating contracts and condensing the number of carriers used, the cost per hundredweight was reduced by 27%.

Seminars were held for the traffic and purchasing departments to educate them on how to handle the daily operations, while overall management is now conducted by The FSL Group. Also, upon the conclusion of implementation, new software was in place to link to their ERP system for better data management.