The FSL Group provides freight bill auditing and payment services for all modes of transportation, both domestic and international. Our team of audit experts and industry leading technology ensure accuracy on every invoice, down to the line item level. Plus, we can reduce your administrative costs by providing typically labor-intensive tasks, such as invoice handling, data entry, data storage and reporting document imaging, and carrier payables.

Freight Audit

Billing errors are more common than you may think. The FSL Group freight bill audit service is a preventative approach to reducing overpayments. Prior to payment, each carrier invoice is systematically audited to:

·         Verify party responsible for freight charges

·         Identify duplicate invoices

·         Reconcile rating discrepancies

·         Validate accessorial charges

·         Identify typos that result in higher charges




As a result of this methodology, FSL clients have saved millions of dollars in avoided overcharges.  This does not include direct and indirect savings in areas such as:

·         Inbound and outbound mail handling

·         Invoice processing, sorting, and handling

·         Audit research

·         Rate/tariff file maintenance

·         Carrier file maintenance

·         Data entry

·         Check processing and handling

·         Check and remittance stock

·         Postage and mail supplies

·         Phone, fax, and e-mail carrier in status inquiries

·         Imaging hardware, software, and labor


Our experts process hundreds of thousands of carrier invoices each year and generate direct, documentable savings in excess of $4M annually. Contact the FSL Group to learn how you can benefit from our services.