Information Technology:

    In today’s complex market, successful supply chain management can be a formidable challenge.  FSL recognizes that the key to accomplishing this important goal depends heavily upon the efficient management of your transportation data.  We also appreciate that the technology which works for one business model may not be the most effective solution for another.  This understanding has led us to develop a sound technological infrastructure that we wrap in a flexible layer, which allows us to easily adapt to meet our client’s specific requirements.      

Whether your need is as straightforward as expert freight bill auditing or as multifaceted as full scale integration with FSL Plus, our premiere TMS (Transportation Management System), we can quickly have you on board and fully functional.  FSL’s web-based technology gives you swift and easy access to all of your transportation data. 

We can make available a full line of stock reports, but since one size doesn’t fit all, we also offer custom-designed or self-created reports.  For those hands-on number crunchers, data downloads are also obtainable.  

All of our systems and data are housed in our secure, state-of-the-art datacenter, so you can be confidant that your information is available when you need it, where you need it.